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Known on the internet mostly as Tlemo, I listen to outrun every day. It has a cinematic feeling no other genres have. I also like making songs from the genre. I usually go at it alone, using freeware and free samples along the way.

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Updates [Current Projects and other things]

Posted by RebelRuby - 8 days ago



Hello, it's Tlemo, and it's been a while since I've done much on this website. So what have I been doing? Well, just to be clear, yes, I have been working. Most of the work I've done is related to other things, like coding and drawing. It's just that I rarely take the time to work on music, meaning that I'm not really posting here that often. Anyways, lets begin.


First of all, you might've noticed all the changing. Especially right now, since I switched from the Slipstream 012 logo to the new Synth Uprising logo. Before that, I switched to the Slipstream 012 logo. Why? Because I'm only going to do music on here. Flash isn't doing so well these days and the Adobe Flash program is being replaced with the Adobe Animator program (besides I can't pay for a periodically paid program). Even though Newgrounds allows for the publishing of HTML files, it's just miles easier to make a game in something like Unity than it would be to make an HTML game from scratch. Plus, while Newgrounds also allows for drawings to be published, you can just use DeviantArt. Animations? Youtube. But there is one thing you can do on Newgrounds: upload music. Newgrounds allows you to easily publish a song and protect it with copyright. Plus it's free, compared to Soundcloud, which obviously isn't. This is why this account will be used solely for the purpose of uploading my music.



NDWIT is canceled. The idea was stupid and it needed to be scrapped. I might try horror again sometime, but it won't be like ANDIWT. Instead, Project ZAGA is the new one. I can't give too much detail, but it's an outrun-styled game set place in an alternate timeline where the USSR has the upper hand, and someone needs to stop them. Other plans include a mythical-looking game. Only time will tell. I'm also learning how to use the Unreal engine, so there's a possibility that ZAGA will be on that.


So this is probably one of the more important ones. I'm using new things to make music with; TyrellN6 is still going to be used, but I'm also now using a drum pack made especially for the Outrun genre. No more of those TRex sounds, which is the drum VST I used before. Now you will hear more familiar sounds, and more SFX as well. I also have a new synth, the Korg Monologue. It still needs a sound card (or an aux cord if you all are fine with me recording it through an amp), but so far It's going along nicely. Oh, and I also recovered an old bugle which I probably will never use since it's too loud, but the probability is fun.

Other Things

I don't stream so often on my Twitch or Mixer anymore since my computer can't handle all of the streaming and gameplay at once. Although, my XBOX can, so check that out.

My drawing skills are improved. Compared to the drawings I made on the website, I draw smoother, more vibrantly, and less geometric. Also, my characters are much more realistic, although still keep that same cartoon appearance and not veering more to semi-realism.

I now have a WorldAnvil account.

There, you can find a wiki for ZAGA and the free-to-use fictional universe, Drachenworld.

I love frosted flakes.

I hope you all got enough information. I will be uploading a song today, additionally. Goodbye for now!

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